build​/​rebuild EP

by Spilt Cities

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James Casey
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James Casey One of the best bands I've ever heard. Just wish they had more stuff! Favorite track: Ashes in the End.
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Debut E.P by Spilt Cities.


released October 1, 2012

All songs written by Spilt Cities
All lyrics by Shaun Rodan

Spilt Cities is-
Shaun Rodan
Zac Ward
James Porteous
Mike Ewings

Recorded, engineered and produced by Laurie McCallum at Sumo Sound Studio. Violin on 'Broken' by Hayley Jane Ayers.



all rights reserved


Spilt Cities Perth, Australia

Based in Perth, Western Australia.

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Track Name: Your Old Ghost
I saw frost glass, between your body and mine
Took my hand and smashed it, didn't make a sound
Picked up the pieces and started to build
Trying to make, some room to breathe

And I saw cracks gather in the walls
Knew my kingdom had come, and now it would fall
So I ran for higher ground, to get a view on it all
Now I'll never sleep, I'll never sleep, I'll never sleep

I'll never admit to my lies, you accept them every time, without a word

We set it off, we set it off, I've let you
Under my skin, for far too long
You let it all run dry, you broken satellite
But this all end tonight

My blood felt cold, as you let me leave
Sat by the waters edge, getting ready to swim
But the taste of sweet salt water, filled my lungs
And I felt your old ghost grab me, and pull me down

I'll never admit to my lies, always got an alibi

I felt air escape me, I could do without it
Felt your fire inside me, but it didn't burn
The flames just kept me warm, throughout the longest winter
Someone said you saved me, which is what I always knew

Time, to let you go
Time, to make it new
It's time, to start again with you
Track Name: Broken
You got the best of me, again
You left me, all alone, in the cold
My head against cool concrete, while you’re
Holding on for dear life in your hospital room
I couldn’t breathe, I felt my lungs fill up with fear
Awake these broken bones for something to lean on
Well I need you to break my fall, I need you to pull me out
I’m sinking, and I won’t make it through the night

I’m tired but won’t sleep tonight
With you ringing in my ear
The same voice, now broken static noise
What a way to go

Well I got left out in the dark
Which is just what I need
What a mistake, I made in saving face
I’ll let this sink right in

But everything you said was true
It’s just another game
It’s so hard, to tell them apart
And I’ve lost my will, to try

We always, end with ‘what if?’
My guts in a knot, waiting for an answer
There’s a lead weight, pulling at the back of my throat
My hands are ragged and raw and my face is drained to white
And I didn’t lose a life, but I sure lost faith
Now my fists can’t put up a fight,
Cause it still haunts me at night

Take me away from here,
And I dread the day you tire of me
Track Name: Ashes in the End
We spoke, for those who no longer could
I watched my self disappear and float away into a grey sky
We all fell sick so you kept us away and tried to deny us our fate
We weren’t made for love, we just forced it upon ourselves
It crushed our hearts, broke us down, took a long time to rebuild again
My blood ran thick, dripping sweet, leaving patterns in the water just below
And my voice grew hoarse, as I was screaming through the storm, trying to reach
Your love.

We’re all ashes in the end, anyway
And we sang

I need a new city, in my veins, cause words don’t find rest here, anymore
You could peel away, every last layer of me you thought you’d ever found
But it’s not enough, not enough to find, what’s really haunting me this time
Let’s start again, I could start a flame, and we’ll build a fire to burn this place to the ground.
Track Name: The Ship
The old ship creaked, as the storm came in, without a warning
And cold air whipped me, and brought a chill, to my bones
When we made it, back home, everything we ever loved
Was burning down

I’ll tear this face off and find out
Who I really am
I’ve been trying, trying to cull
My darker parts
But they’ve grown too deep, now every thought
Pulses, through these dark roots

We were standing in silence, tangled in terror and a taste for better days
But the fault lay with us, and the weight was too heavy, for our shoulders, to bear

I will let go and sink with the ship, cause the captain’s a liar
If I had one chance, to prove my honour, I hope it leaves a mark
You pushed us, you pushed us too far, and we will fight back, some day.
Track Name: Apparent Horizon
A dim glow, a spark is born among the fire you put out years ago
I never would have carried it on, without you

You could, break this skin, find a love worth settling in
Mark my words, you’ll never feel alone again

In the after burn.